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My name is Lyndsey Williams 

I am Lyndsey Williams (she/her). I am a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW).  I identify as a black American woman with longstanding roots on the east coast in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. I have worked in different areas of maternal child health since 2012. The bulk of those years I have been an  outpatient OB/GYN mental health provider at renowned hospitals on the east and west coasts. I attended Morgan State University for my bachelors degree in English and obtained my masters in social work from University of Maryland Baltimore. I have been trained in various aspects of perinatal and conceiving partners’ mental health from Postpartum Support International and Seleni Institute along with intensive courses in reproductive psychology.   I received my perinatal mental health certification (PMH-C) from Postpartum Support International in 2019.


The Story Of Kyla Care 

 I decided to start Kyla Care Therapy to expand my services in the community offering quality and accessible mental health care. Kyla means ‘village’ in Finnish. I aim to provide holistic, informed, and compassionate mental health care. My clients feel that they are a part of a mosaic of shared experiences and are not alone on their journeys. 

 One thing I know for sure is that: when it comes to our lives,  anything can happen. I'm here to support you when that 'anything' shows up .

The Kyla Care Approach

Kyla Care aims to make mental health support accessible and convenient offering 100% virtual individual and group therapy. 

We approach therapy through an anti-racist and neo-feminist lens. We focus on empowerment with compassion and acceptance through  life adjustments associated with reproductive experiences like pregnancy, infertility,  premenstrual dysphoria, endometriosis, pregnancy/infant loss etc. ​

 In sessions, a mix of therapeutic interventions are used including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), narrative therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy techniques (ACT)  as well as somatic based approaches: eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) and polyvagal therapy within a  collaborative psychotherapy model to treat clients.  

Regarding reproductive mental health support, I am informed by an intersectional, mind-body approach that focuses on building awareness of the bodies response to its experiences and how it manifests itself in our health and dysregulated  reproductive cycles. 

Our Motto is:

Deal. Heal. Grow

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Who Do We Work With


Kyla Care supports women and female identifying individuals throughout their lifespan regardless of whether they are experiencing a reproductive health issue or not. We also train and consult with healthcare providers, community agencies and organizations that provide women's health and maternal child services. 

 We work with women coping through life transitions whether it be self improvement goals, relationship issues, emotional regulation, or a reproductive health related experience. 

We support women and their partners if they experiences mood concerns during and after pregnancy or those who may have lost a pregnancy or don't know if pregnancy is right for them. We help clients cope with difficult diagnoses like infertility or endometriosis. We support women as they cope through the unexpected like new health diagnoses, pregnancy, infant loss and birth trauma.  We assist clients with postpartum adjustment as they bring their babies home and are getting used to a new life. We collaborate with clients who want help with planning their pregnancy or need support if they've received unpleasant news about their pregnancies or who have babies in the NICU. We even help clients through perimenopause and managing uncomfortable symptoms and shifts in their reproductive identity.

There's a place for everyone with Kyla Care. 

Check Out What Kyla Care Has Been Up To 

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Blog Contributions 

Understanding Mental Health Disparities 

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