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 Thank you for checking out Kyla Care Therapy. 

Kyla Care Therapy specializes in women’s  mental health therapy and related reproductive mental wellness support. 

Studies show that women are more likely to experience mental wellness vulnerability. Women’s mental health therapy addresses topics that are unique and commonly experienced by women such as domestic violence, assault, gender based discrimination and inequality, motherhood adjustment, relationship issues, caregiving stressors and so much more.

Reproductive mental health therapy says that the unique reproductive experiences women have throughout their lives can impact their mental health. These experiences can include infertility, coping with pregnancy and postpartum mental health diagnosis, endometriosis, miscarriage/ infant loss, premenstrual dysphoria,  depression or anxiety symptoms related to perimenopause. 

Kyla Care provides a safe and neutral environment for exploration of how womanhood impacts all areas of health, and supports clients as they make meaning of their experiences.

 Congratulations on taking a step towards self-care!

Our Services are 100% Virtual 

Clients in Maryland, Washington, Idaho and District of Columbia can receive telehealth therapy services. 

Clients in all other states may attend groups and receive support planning services.


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A Happier, Healthier You

Feeling a bit down lately and nothing seems to lift your spirits? Maybe you are experience anxiety that is keeping you up at night or giving you scary thoughts about your infant.  If you're pregnant or just gave birth and not feeling quite yourself, it might be time to therapy intervention. My individual therapy sessions help patients develop positive outlooks through therapeutic intervention and tools that help them  manage their moods and emotions during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy can cause a significant change in our mood, thoughts and feelings. 1 out of 4 women experience a postpartum mood diagnosis. 


Serving Maryland, Washington, D.C., Idaho and Washington State

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